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Let's talk about popcorn!

oomph seasoning should be added to popcorn that has already been popped and covered with a thin film of fat so that the seasoning can stick to it.

See how to season your popcorn like a PRO by clicking here: 

Have you ever looked closely at freshly popped popcorn?

You will notice that most of the time, there is almost no fat left on the popped kernel, hence it is very dry. So trying to get dry powder to stick to dry popcorn is a miracle!

Coating the popcorn with a little bit of oil (or butter) before adding the seasoning is an easy way to get your favourite oomph seasoning to stick.

Check out how to season your popcorn like a PRO by clicking here: How to season my popcorn


The best way is to add the seasoning to plain popcorn that has already been popped.

That being said, you can add it to your bag of popcorn at the movies!

See how to season your popcorn like a PRO by clicking here: How to season my popcorn

Not at all!

All our seasonings are gluten-free.

Make your popcorn pop... not your intestines ;)
Yes !

For now, we only have one flavour, the Vegan Maple BBQ

Other flavours will follow.

Here for the Vegan Maple BBQ: Buy
Yes, of course!

And of course, microwave popcorn is already salty, so our seasonings will taste a little saltier than usual.

But since most of our seasonings are low in sodium, it should be just as good!

(We recommend Pink Salt seasoning only on plain microwave popcorn)

Just make sure the popcorn is a little greasy so the seasoning sticks to it.

If it is too dry, follow the instructions for plain popcorn: Season your popcorn like a PRO

oomph seasonings are made from simple ingredients and you can use them wherever you think their great taste will enhance your dishes.

See here for our recipes: oomph recipes


Because our seasoning blends are made of ingredients that are edible over a very long period of time but whose taste may alter over time.

We recommend you use your seasonings within 6 months of their purchase date to ensure freshness.
For now, we only have one seasoning that does not contain milk.

It's the Vegan Maple BBQ: Vegan Maple BBQ
Our seasonings do not contain any artificial colourings or monosodium glutamate (MSG). Most of our seasonings are even 100% natural!

For some flavours, you may find a little silicon dioxide that we did not add ourselves but that is present in the ingredients we source. (ex: tomato powder).

You will also find a little maltodextrin, which is always present in the vinegar powder.

We always try to create the most natural seasonings possible. On the other hand, it is very difficult to avoid any additives for certain flavours.

Let's talk about orders

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For special orders (large quantities or out of territory, delivery times will be agreed upon before the order is prepared).

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Seasoning exchanges are not accepted for sanitary reasons as seasonings are perishable products.

Exchange and return policy

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The minimum order is $100 CAD for all special orders outside of Canada. Shipping charges will also be added and will be determined in advance with you.

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Of course!

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